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Reading Champion: Dr. Richard Selznick

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Every month, Learning Ally features one of our amazing Reading Champions - highlighting their efforts in supporting students who have a reading-based learning difference such as dyslexia. This month, we caught up with the Director of the Cooper Learning Center and author, Dr. Richard Selznick, who has referred over 300 students to use Learning Ally's Audiobook Solution, enabling them to read independently,  access grade-level content, and learn to their ability. 

Watch the video below to gain insight into why Dr. Selznick participates in the Reading Champion program!


About Dr. Selznick

Dr. Selznick is a licensed psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, and the author of four books: What To Do About Dyslexia? 25 Essential Points for Parents; The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child; School Struggles: A Guide To Your Shut-Down Learner’s Success; and Dyslexia Screening: Essential Concepts for Schools & Parents. He consults with parents and act as a guide to help them navigate their child's educational landscape and make appropriate recommendations that will holistically satisfy the child's educational needs.

Dr. Selznick is one of Learning Ally's trusted partners, producing blogs for us to share with parents. In addition, he's been a featured speaker at our annual Spotlight on Dyslexia virtual conference. Please check out his blog "What to do about dyslexia? Maintain two column mindset" and website shutdownlearners.com or send him an email at rselznick615@gmail.com for more information.

About Learning Ally

LEARNING ALLY is a leading education solutions organization dedicated to transforming the lives of struggling learners. The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is a proven multi-sensory reading accommodation for students with a reading deficit composed of high quality, human-read audiobooks, student-centric features and a suite of teacher resources to monitor and support student success. Used in more than 17,500 schools, empowering over 375,000 struggling readers annually, this essential solution bridges the gap between a student’s reading ability and their cognitive capability, empowering them to become engaged learners and reach their academic potential.

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