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Five Brilliant Beach Books Kids Will Adore

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Dreaming of a beach vacation? Here are a few books to whisk your mind away to sandy shores, icy popsicles, suntan lotion and salty ocean water. All of these titles are available for download from Learning Ally's audiobook library.   Bats at the Beach book Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies A book best summed up with a poem: The beach is jamming with a family of bats, in the middle of the night, all furred in black. With moon-tan lotion and a crackling bonfire, this charming title will surely inspire!   Beach Day book coverBeach Day by Patricia Lakin A family of alligators heads out for what they think will be a lovely day at the beach, and perhaps it would be, if they could actually make it there. Young readers will likely enjoy this humorous, rhyming summertime adventure. Tar Beach book cover   Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold While not a literal beach, the “tar beach” is how 8-year-old Cassie Louise Lightfoot describes the rooftops of 1939 Harlem as she imagines herself soaring over the city.   Ghost Beach book cover Ghost Beach by R.L. Stine Jerry is dying to explore a mysterious beachside cave he discovered, even after the other kids warn him that it’s haunted. However, a simple ghost story won’t deter him. Unless it turns out to be more than a scary tale...     Nate the Great book coverNate the Great and the Boring Beach Bag by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat When Oliver’s beach bag goes missing, it’s up to Nate the Great and his sidekick dog Sludge to track it down. They comb the beach, they search the sand… but do they find the bag? The story turns out not to be as “boring” as the title suggests.

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