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Family-Focused Newsletter for Students Who Have Dyslexia

Categories: Disability Type, Learning Disabilities, Parenting

At Learning Ally, we've been expanding our student services this year. First, we merged with the YES! Program to bring this unique student-to-student advocacy group to cities across the United States. In January, we launched a series of student-run webinars, which we will produce every other month. Now, we are excited to announce our very first edition of a family-focused newsletter! Students in HallWhat does family focused mean? This is a newsletter both parents and students can enjoy together. We will have contests, news relating to dyslexia and schools, assistive technology tips and more! Check out the first edition below, and make sure to sign up if you want to continue receiving future issues. These newsletters will be issued every other month. See it and sign up by clicking here:

Learning Ally's Family-Focused Newsletter

We look forward to growing our family-focused services. Thank you for joining us along the way!