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Now more than ever, people with learning and visual disabilities are flourishing in the classroom, launching productive careers and becoming assets in their communities. This blog spotlights remarkable individuals who demonstrate that having a visual or print disability is no barrier to educational success.

Dyslexic Student Ear Reads to First Place Finish Out of 5,000 in Competition!
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Learning Ally's 2nd annual Great Reading Games came to a close earlier this month. Now that we have crunched all of the Annnumbers, we are excited to announce that Ann, a 5th grader from Colorado, came in #1 out of 5,000 ear readers! So, how many pages did she read in just under 7 weeks? 13,000! That's not a type-o! She really read 13,000 pages! Only recently identified as dyslexic, Ann has been devouring audiobooks. "Before Learning Ally," she says, "I watched my friends read a book in a week while it took me up to 3 months to get through Angela, Ann, and Beckythe same book." Now, Ann reads while she washes dishes, while she is in the car, and any time she has free time. She states "Learning Ally is my friend now." Ann is home-schooled and also works with a Learning Specialist at Jefferson County's Summit Charter School in Westminster, Colorado.  Ann's teacher, Angela, and mom, Becky, have been wonderful supports to her! Join us in congratulating Ann, and find out how your school can become a Learning Ally member school here.

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