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Dyslexic Student Dreams Big – Read-A-Thon

Categories: Learning Disabilities, Students

Mother and Duaghter Dreaming DyslexicSarah felt isolated, misunderstood, and always wanted to connect with other students who were just like her. What is not always apparent outwardly is that 13-year-old Sarah is a student with dyslexia.  She is also a Learning Ally member since 2016 and community leader, since the first-grade when she was diagnosed.

With the help of her mom, Jenny, Sarah created a group called Dreaming Dyslexic, a safe space where kids who are dyslexic can come together to connect, inspire, and encourage each other and share in strengths, challenges and victories.

Since the inception of the program in October 2019. Dreaming Dyslexic has over 15 members and counting, who will participate in 6-8 local events (Minnesota) annually − where members meet notable people in the dyslexic community, share tips on how to deal with their dyslexia and learn how to identify their strengths as dyslexics.

Dreaming Dyslexic is not limited to local events, they’ve expanded on their offerings by piloting a virtual Read-A-Thon and fundraiser. Starting January 13, 2020 students who are dyslexic will come together and ear read using audiobooks and competing to win prizes and bragging rights. Using Learning Ally audiobook solution, students who are dyslexic can ear read and follow along with highlighted text to enhance the audible experience and increase their reading fluency and word recognition.

Student who participate will enjoy the benefits of reading, understand the joy in immersing themselves in a good book, and raise funds to support the Dreaming Dyslexic organization in providing even more support for students who are dyslexic. Sign-up to participate in Dreaming Dyslexic’s Read-A-Thon or to learn more about Dreaming Dyslexic visit https://dreamingdyslexic.com/