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Congressman Bill Cassidy Calls for Schools to Help Dyslexic Students

Categories: Learning Disabilities, Public Policy/Advocacy

Bill Cassidy DyslexiaWASHINGTON – On January 10, 2014, Congressman Bill Cassidy, M.D., the Co-Chair of the House Dyslexia Caucus, submitted a resolution calling for the House to acknowledge the impact of dyslexia and urge schools and educational agencies to address its impact on students.  Dr. Cassidy released the following statement: “Dyslexia affects millions of Americans, including many students.  We know that many with dyslexia are among our brightest and most successful.  If dyslexia is identified in elementary school and the appropriate resources are given to these children, America can produce more teachers, more scientists and more entrepreneurs.  This resolution pushes schools and educational agencies to address this challenge and provide evidence-based solutions for dyslexic students.”  Learning Ally's Director of Public Policy & Advocacy, Edward Bray, comments: "We applaud US Representative Bill Cassidy, M.D., for sponsoring his resolution calling on schools and state and local education agencies to recognize the huge impact dyslexia has on students across the nation and the need for our schools to address this. Dr. Cassidy has been a leading voice in support of students with dyslexia, their parents and teachers through his work as the founding co-chairman of the Bipartisan Congressional Dyslexia Caucus. "Thousands of students, parents, and educators in Learning Ally’s community appreciate the efforts of Dr. Cassidy and members of the Dyslexia Caucus as they advance the reforms needed to improve  educational opportunities for the one in five individuals who are affected by dyslexia."

Read Congressman Cassidy's resolution here.


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