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Back to School Ready! Learning Ally Reading App, Link

Categories: Learning Disabilities

Child Enjoying AudiobookWe can help your child read better and get through their homework independently with access to the books they want and need to read. Learning Ally transforms the lives of over 375,000 struggling learners annually with our educational solution.  With a Learning Ally membership, you and your family can access our educational tools and a library of over 80,000 human-narrated audiobooks (literature and text-books) year-round for the low price of $135.

Learning Ally's reading app, Link, delivers an unparalleled educational experience that will have your child reading independently, actively participating in the classroom, and understanding the content they are reading.  With your membership, you will also be part of a community of parents - just like you - to help you manage the challenges of a learning difference. 

Learning Ally's Reading App, Link supports students success in multiple ways

Voice to Text FeatureVoice-To-Text


Our human-read audiobooks support struggling readers by making a story come to life.  As your student reads along our educational solution highlights the words on a page supporting students ability to recognize words in the future, aids in comprehension of the material and allows them to better absorb the content that they're reading.



Highlight a section of a book on a specific page, adding & saving notes. You can view and compile all or your notes to help recall important dates, characters, historical references, quotes, and other notable text in a novel or textbook.  Annotating can help your child when doing a book report and providing study notes for that important upcoming test.


In App DictionaryLink's In-App Dictionary


Difficult words are now defined right in the app while your child is reading. They can tap on a word and the definition of the word will be revealed allowing them to save time and provide a continuous reading experience. Your child can also create a vocabulary list of words to review before a big test. 



In App DictionaryWith our sharing functionality, your child can compile all of their notes, quotes, and vocabulary lists and share them with a family member, teacher, and or friend. Your child can participate and work in a more collaborative setting with their peers and bring value to any project by sharing their findings within a novel or textbook. That vocabulary list of difficult or sight words your child annotated can now be shared and printed to create flashcards or a study sheet.  Using the Learning Ally reading app can truly transform the lives of a student.



Customization and Preferences

Customization and PreferencesNow your child has the power to increase or decrease the size of the font, the spacing between the letter and lines, or the text color - just to name a few options - maximizing your child's reading experience.

Change the highlight color to help motivate your child to read more. Adjust the spacing and sizes of the typography to support your child's reading stamina and slowing down the narration speed can support your child while they decode to get through to completing a lengthy novel - something we all enjoy celebrating.

As a member your child will not only gain direct benefits from our Learning Ally Reading App, Link, parents are also a part of a supportive community of people who are invested in supporting students who struggle to learn.  Together we can transform the lives of the over 10.4 million students who learn differently.

Not a member yet? Become a member today and realize the difference that Learning Ally has on your child!

Our Learning Ally Reading App provides a multitude of ways for your struggling reader to spend more time comprehending the subjects they're reading, relieve them of having to decode printed words allowing them to become independent and successful students.  Learning Ally also provides parents with resources, webinars, and peer mentoring providing support to the whole family.