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Audiobooks as an antidote for stressful times

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We know these are challenging times, and we want you to know that Learning Ally is here to help. With the recent crisis and school closings, your children are home. Please consider how Learning Ally can help alleviate stress for your kids and family, providing enriching entertainment, and also be an easy means of continuing learning and education. As we navigate through this time together, Learning Ally is here to provide support. Hopefully these tips can assist you.

Help your child get lost in a great read

Our human read audiobooks, with engaging voices, can transform books into movies in your child's mind. At times when it is hard to focus, Learning Ally's vast array of books can help engage your children and provide a healthy distraction from the challenging situation we are facing today. Through literature your child can be transported to another time in history, a different place enjoying cultures from around the world or even outer space. If you need a recommendation, check out our most popular reads for your kid’s age group. Who knows...you may encourage a binge “read”. 

Create an environment that’s conducive to reading

For younger children, you can make reading a special time. Use pillows and comfortable furniture to set up a cozy reading area in or outside your home. Discuss the books that your child is reading with them. Ask questions such as: What was your favorite part? Who were your favorite and least favorite characters? Do they remind you of anyone in your life? Can you think of another ending?

Keep up when school is virtual

For older children who are trying to complete school assignments, remember that Learning Ally has all the books that your children need to read for school, including new literature, classics and textbooks. This is especially helpful for middle and high school students. Learning Ally is already designed for remote learning.

Remember we are here to help

Finally, if you know anyone with children with reading based learning differences, who are also challenged by financial hardship, please encourage them to fill out our Hardship Waiver form or contact Learning Ally Customer Care (800-221-4792) to get set up with a need-based scholarship. At Learning Ally we are committed to serving our community.