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4 Great Parent Resources for Dyslexia

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Before my son started kindergarten, the signs were there. I didn't know it, but they were plain as day to anyone who is educated on the topic. reading youngHe has dyslexia. And looking back, it was clear from the age of 4. But no one recognized it, myself and his teachers included. Sure, we knew he struggled with recognizing his letters, that was very clear. What we didn't know was why. Was he really just a "late bloomer"? Some kids are. Did he need an extra year of pre-K as was suggested? (We didn't do that, by the way.) Was it something more? After many tear-filled parent teacher conferences, a friend suggested I test him for dyslexia. I brushed her off at first saying, "He doesn't see backwards!" I know, I know... hang with me here... I know that is inaccurate now, but I didn't at the time. My friend knew though, and she was patient with me. She said, "You really need to look into dyslexia." I went home and started to research. What I discovered blew my mind! He matched nearly every sign, and dyslexia was not what I thought. It literally means struggling with language, which was exactly what was happening in my home. Flash forward two years, and he now gets proper reading instruction and school accommodations. He is happy and confident! I am thankful for my friend. Today, I'm here to be that friend to you. I believe in paying it forward, and I want to help others. That's exactly why I love working for Learning Ally so much! We offer free parent-support services to guide you along the journey. Our parent support specialists will help you from your earliest suspicions all the way through college graduation! Give us a call today at 800.635.1403 to schedule a free one-on-one parent support phone consult.  Also, check out these great parent resources below: What is Dyslexia?                              Potential Indicators By Grade Level whatisdyslexiathumb potentialindicatorsthumb                   Accommodations                                         Why Use Audiobooks?  accommodationsthumb howcanaudiobookshelpthumb                     In addition, you can point your child's teacher to these resources shared by former special education teacher and my Learning Ally colleague, Lindsey Lipsky.  

JulesJules Johnson is the mom of two children who have dyslexia and one of the co-founders/leaders of Decoding Dyslexia-TN.  After 12 years as a broadcast meteorologist, Jules joined the Learning Ally family in 2014 to help make the world a better place for those who have print disabilities like dyslexia or visual impairment.