Mary Michael Pontzer, PhD

Vice President of Professional Learning Solutions

Mary Michael Pontzer, PhD is the Vice President of Professional Learning Solutions at Learning Ally. At Learning Ally, Mary Michael is responsible for designing solutions that empower educators to help struggling students become engaged, independent readers through deeper understanding of research and best practices around reading, job-embedded action planning and coaching, and community tools that support the transformation of daily practice.

Mary Michael began her career as a high school English teacher in Gwinnett County, Georgia. She earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Social Foundations of Education from The University of Georgia in 2011 and served as a part-time faculty member at various colleges and universities in Georgia before transitioning into the world of education technology and product/solution management.

Prior to joining Learning Ally, Mary Michael worked for organizations such as ACT, Inc. and K12, Inc. where she developed education and assessment solutions for PreK-16 students, parents and educators across the globe. She is committed to improving equity through meaningful education experiences based on thoughtfully crafted strategy and customer-centric roadmap development and management.


We all have our personal stories and unique backgrounds that connect us to the organization and its mission. Different in many ways, yes, but everyone on the team is passionate about education and possesses a true desire to see students overcome their learning differences to succeed academically, and beyond.